A Line up of the Bible Teachers you'll hear on

           The Divine Word

                   ( Listed in alphabetical order by last name )




































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Home Church

Time slot on The Divine Word

Beeler, Garid

Monday Night Service

Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

Monday Nights @ 8:30 pm (Live)

Brodersen, Brian

Back to Basics

Pastors Perspective

Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

Weekdays @ 7:30 pm

Weekdays @ 4:00 pm

Courson, Jon


Appelgate Christian Fellowship

Weekdays @ 1:00 pm

Davis, Bob

Apply Within

North Country Chapel

Weekdays @ 8:30 am

Garate, Ben

Come Drink the Water

Calvary Chapel of Montrose

Weekdays @ 12:00 pm

      and       @  5:00 pm

Heitzig, Skip

The Connection

Calvary of Albuquerque

Weekdays @ 6:00 pm

Jeremiah, David

Turning Point

Shadow Mountain Community Church

Weekdays @ 7:30 am

Johnson, Jeff

Sound Doctrine

Calvary Chapel of Downey

Weekdays @ 2:30 pm

Juarez, Pancho

On The Level

Calvary Chapel of Montebello

Weekdays @ 12:30 pm

Kyle, Damien

According to The Scriptures

Calvary Chapel of Modesto

Weekdays @ 7:00 am

      and      @ 7:00 pm

Larson, Brian

True to His Word

Calvary Chapel of Truckee

Weekdays @ 6:00 am

Laurie, Greg

A New Beginning

Harvest Christian Fellowship

Weekdays @ 1:30 pm

Macintosh, Mike

Chapter and Verse

Horizon Christian Fellowship

Weekdays @ 6:30 pm

Mendoza, John

Living Water

Living Water Christian Fellowship

Weekdays @ 1:00 am

Newberry, Brian

Words of Encouragement

Calvary Chapel of San Diego

Weekdays @ 2:00 pm

Pulley, Lloyd

Bridging the Gap

Calvary Chapel Old Bridge

Weekdays @ 8:00 am

Ritchie, Bill

Brand New

Crossroads Community Church

Weekdays @ 5:30 pm

Rolph, Dave

The Balanced Word

Calvary Chapel of Pacific Hills

Weekdays @ 7:30 pm

Salvato, Rob

Basics of Life

Calvary Chapel of Vista

Weekdays @ 9:30 am

Smith, Chuck

The Word For Today


Pastors Perspective

Wednesday Night Service

Sunday Morning Service

Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa

Weekdays @ 6:30 am

      and       @ 3:30 pm

Weekdays @ 4:00 pm

Wednesday Nights @ 8:30 pm (Live)

Sunday Mornings @ 12:13 pm (Live)

Stagner, Barry

Truth About God

Calvary Chapel of Tustin

Weekdays @ 1:30 am